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  • Location: Cnr Bailey Street & Enmore Road, Newtown
  • Artist: Anonymous 
  • Date: July 2005
  • Condition: Original was painted over – Recently repainted
  • Page last updated: 28/02/19

This mural was originally painted in 2005 by four anonymous artists. According to one of the original artists each animal represents a different person. 

At some point during the last few years the mural was touched up by another artist – Colin Bebe. This has caused a lot of confusion over who the original artist was.

In September 2017 the mural was sadly painted over by an advertising agency to promote the release of the film “Mother!”. Thankfully Apparition Media apologised for their actions in an open letter to the entire suburb and have worked with the original artists to restore it.

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This image of the original mural was kindly provided by one of the artists. He said “On the foot path it says “ thank u for saving my life, the designer was a bit beside himself and the mural changed his life.”

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